Adult Programs

We specialize in private instruction and this will give you the flexibility and efficiency one might find they need in this day and age. With how our schedule is set up you can come in twice per week and receive the benefits you are looking for or pop in up to 4 + times per week. Our private lesson program will insure that you will receive proficiency 4 to 8 times faster than in a group only setting.


Martial Arts has something for everyone, and at United Studios of Self Defense we help you achieve these goals quickly and with effective results. Whether your seeking Self Defense, Martial Prowess, a fun and different fitness routine, Stress Relief, Flexibility, a cool Hobby, or something to inspire that passion for life, that everyday living can steal from you, we are here for you.

It is impossible for you to do something in one part of your life and not have it effect the rest of your life. We will help you invest in yourself, our motto is “Excellence Day by Day.” We want that for you.

“If there is no enemy inside, the enemy outside can do you no harm” African Proverb

“Work on your work to make a living, which is fine. Work on yourself to make a fortune, which is super fine.” Jim Rohn